A Word from Board President Kevin Curry

Kevin Curry

With the advent of the internet, our sense of community has changed. While it’s nice to have a consciousness on a world level, there is great power in knowing your neighbor, walking the dog, or trading avocados for bananas from your yard. My goal is to connect each of us with a sense of place and history that is all around us in our magical patch of paradise that is the Waimahaihai District. If you love your home, care about where you live, and want to preserve and even improve our lifestyle for some time to come, won’t you join us?

You have everything to gain from the experience.

Waimahaihai District Neighborhood Association Membership

Voting Members: any member whose name appears on the Maui County Tax Record as a property owner of a Lot located in the district. Only one individual per T-M-K lot. Homeowner Members may hold office, and may give their vote to Regular Members by written proxy.

Associate Members: any individual whose principal residence may or may not lie within the confines of the District, regardless of ownership status of the property in which they reside, US citizenship, US residency status, or Hawaii residence status. Resident Members may serve on committees however, they may not hold office and can only vote by proxy.

Homeowner & ASSOCIATE Member Suggested Annual Donation
Student: $25
Adult/Household: $35/$50
Supporter: $75
Silver Member: $150
Gold Member: $250
Platinum Member: $500
Diamond Member: $1,000
Lifetime Benefactor: $5,000+

Use this printable membership form if you wish to mail a check.

Use the form below if you’d like to join via paypal or would like more information.

Sponsor Member: any business or enterprise which has personal or financial interest in the District, regardless of whether their residence falls within the geographical boundary of the District. Sponsors show their support of the Waimahaihai District through their financial contribution at the $150 level or higher, and may give WDNA members special prices or privileges not afforded to the general public. A Sponsor may attend meetings, and serve on committee, but may not vote.


2 Responses to Membership

  1. We are homeowners and also would like to be a sponsor, but your info says we cannot vote if we are a sponsor. Can we join as a sponsor and vote and get our curb painted?
    Willy Bennett and Teri Mister
    1787 Kai Maka Pl

    • waimahaihai says:

      While Sponsor Members as such are not qualified as a voting member, each Sponsor membership earns a complimentary Household Membership if you own property within the District. So, rest assured, as a Household Member, your curb gets painted, and if a qualified owner, one vote per TMK. As a Sponsor, you will get a listing on our Sponsor page with a link to your website, and, recognition at meetings and event. Mahalo for asking!

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