Meetings & Events

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Board Meetings
Held monthly and open to the public.

General Membership Meetings
General Membership Meetings have been held periodically since April, 2013. We  meet to discuss current issues within our District and have a general discussion with feedback to the Board of Directors.

Typically Incuded in each membership meeting:

Special Guest Speaker
We feature speakers on various topics of interest to our community.

Real Estate Report
What new properties are listed in the District. Any change in ownership. Average sale price. Events which could affect the value of property in our area.

Waimahaihai History
We “talk story” about days gone by, or learn about Hawaiian culture in our area to give us a”sense of place.

Business Networking
Each time we introduce those in attendance and ask where they live and what their profession is. Invariably someone connects to another resident and business magic takes place right in the room. We have Sponsor Memberships available and encourage residents of the over 300 TMK lots to support them!

We are a growing organization with about 20-50 in attendance, depending on the speaker and the month. This is a great place for you to come and network for your own business!


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