Community & Public Relations Committee
The Community & Public Relations Committee shall promote the interest of the WDNA to other organizations such as the Kihei Community Association, Maui County Council, the public at large, generate press releases to the media, generate and provide content to the WDNA social media website(s), and be a point of contact for any press inquiries, and arranging interviews with the appropriate Member.

District Beautification Committee
The District Beautification Committee [hereinafter DBC] shall promote interest and pride in the appearance of each residence business, road, easement, and roadway within the District. This committee shall conduct and promote any “Best of” contests to include acquisition and distribution of any prizes. As well, the DBC Chair coordinates with appropriate Certified Arborists, landscaping companies, painting, roofing, architectural professionals to conduct neighborhood walk campaigns. The DBC Chair would coordinate with the PR Committee to promote “Best of” contests and the resultant winners.

E Komo Mai Committee
The “E Komo Mai” Committee is responsible for welcoming new owners and residents to the Waimahaihai District. They would contact listing realtors to make them aware that the WDNA exists and send information to the realtor. Upon notification of a sale, the Chair would pay a personal visit to new individuals’residences, gather information, and convey it to the Secretary and Membership Committee.

Fundraising Committee
The Fundraising Committee is responsible for generating revenue for the WDNA either from within the District, or from external sources. The committee would create and carry out campaigns as approved by the Board and may receive initial funding for its efforts in order to attain fundraising goals.

History and Sense of Place Committee
The History and Sense of Place [hereinafter HSP] Committee is responsible for compiling, writing, and maintaining a written history of the area defined in Article IV, Section 6 of these Bylaws. The history may include written allegories, photographs, videos, newspaper articles, relative to the District. Additionally, this committee provides education and programs within the WDNA itself to include presentations at meetings to give focus on items that make the Waimahaihai District unique.

Mele Waimahaihai Committee
The Mele Waimahaihai Committee coordinates the decoration and execution of any annual Christmas lighting ceremony within the District. They encourage and assist residents to install and de-install lights and decorations consistent with the Committee’s vision for the District. They also conduct and promote an annual “Best of” contest to include acquisition and distribution of any prizes. They also work with the Secretary to generate Holiday e-greetings to WDNA members, and the Special Events committee on any Christmas-specific event, including any themed celebration at the December meeting.

Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall be responsible for the acquisition of new members who are current residents of the District. The Chairperson of this committee will act as liaison during the meeting to make certain that any new attendee at a given meeting feels welcome. Additionally, the Chair will follow up after the meeting with that member to ascertain their opinion of the events that took place at the meeting, query their interest in joining an appropriate committee, and promote their joining the WDNA. This Committee maintains the Member Directory online and coordinates any information changes with the Secretary for our records.

Special Events Committee
Conducts the business of block parties and unique events not covered under another standing committee.

Web Presence Committee
Maintain the WDNA domain name, do web updates, host the online Member Directory, coordinate with HSP Chair for photo, & history uploads. Pay for, and manage accounts and passwords at such sites as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest. Manage and subscribe to contact management programs and other programs as necessary to assist related Chairs in coordinating communication via the internet.


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