Keokea Gulch Gets Cleaned Up to Celebrate Earth Day

Tri-Cit Earth Day Logo

Earth Day is observed internationally. It is a day to give back to Mother Nature and celebrate what she gives us so generously. The Waimahaihai District Neighborhood Association along with business partners on Maui, is planning to help out by having a “Clean The Ravine” event on Saturday, April 26th, from 8:00am till noon to pull out the rogue Foodland shpping cards, the occasional styrofoam cooler and anything else that is man-made in the Keokea Gulch that traverses the Waimahaihai District from the mountain almost to South Kihei Road.


Malama looking toward the ocean into Keokea Gulch


Keokea Gulch as seen from Malama Street facing mauka.

The object of the event will be to clear away any debris that could clog the gulch during a heavy rain if runoff water were to overflow through it. As well, we will attempt to remove as much dry wood and dead fall so as to remove fire hazards for the summer months and mimimize rodent habitation.  As much as possible, the area will be preserved as a natural habitat for the birds that have come to use the area as a refuse. Many residents enjoy the natural shade and cool that trees in the Keokea Gulch bring to the area.

The WDNA is seeking volunteers to come out and help give the ravine the “sprucing up” it needs and to put green waste into bags for collection. We are currently looking for anyone who can help us take away the green waste, a bit at a time, as dump fees are prohibitive.  If done commercially, it and could cost nearly $1,000 to have it hauled to the dump. Volunteers will get a souvenir t-shirt, some snacks and drink provided by local sponsors, and what’s best—that feeling of joy in your heart that you helped the planet this Earth Day.

Keokea Gulch Aerial Map

NFIP Flood Map Shows the Gulch Coming from Kula

Afterwards, the WDNA will thank volunteers by hosting a pizza party at Shaka’s Pizza on South Kihei Road at Kupuna from 6pm-8pm. Residents, volunteers and food fans are all welcome to come down and meet the fun folk in the Waimahaihai District whether you helped in the morning or not. At least you can hear the stories of who saw the biggest centipede!  [What? Not, in Kihei? Right?] If you or someone you know wants to participate, shoot an email to: for more information. Volunteers can just show up at 8:00am at Malama Street at the white pillars of the Gulch. Wear sturdy closed toed shoes, and clothing what will protect you from brush and the sun.

Hope to see you there!


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2 Responses to Keokea Gulch Gets Cleaned Up to Celebrate Earth Day

  1. Robert says:

    I will be there. Robert Miskae

  2. Sharon Castile says:

    Scott Castile will be there.

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