WDNA’s 4th Anniversary Party: Shaka’s Pizza Saturday, September 30th 6:30pm

It seems just yesterday, a few neighbors got together on the sofas at Three’s Bar & Grille to talk about the possibility of getting together to improve our neighborhood. That was April of 2013. With lots of hard work and dedication, seven month’s later [it was a premature delivery] WDNA was birthed right under the eaves of Shaka’s Pizza! Members came out, donated checks, signed membership forms and the bylaws for our not-for profit organization were adopted.

Since then, we’ve done a lot—cleaned the ravine, moved lots of rogue cars, and made a few good friends out of  neighbors. So, come one and all and raise a glass at Shaka’s for the 4th year in a row.  All are invited: owners, renters, people who have interest in our little district in Kihei.  Our acting President, Kevin Curry will give a bit of history and and lead a discussion as to the issues that face our “patch of paradise” into the next year.

The association will spring for the first few pizzas, so get there on time when the pies come out. See you there!

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1 Response to WDNA’s 4th Anniversary Party: Shaka’s Pizza Saturday, September 30th 6:30pm

  1. Robert S Miskae says:

    Great! I will see you there. Robert & Celeste

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