June Board Meeting June 16th

Board-Meeting-SM_(1)This is to announce the WDNA meeting of the Board of Directors on Tuesday, June 16th, 2015 from 6:30pm-8:00pm. The meeting is located at 125 Mehani Place, Kihei, HI 96753. Please RSVP to kevin@waimahaihai.org if you plan to attend. The meeting is held in a private residence. Please park on the street. Mahalo!

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Maui Meadows Residents Propose Three Can Plan Continuation

Buck Joiner, a Maui Meadows resident has written a proposal to the Maui County Council to extend the three can plan on a paid-for basis. The Solid Waste Division issued a report stating the additional cost for the 3 can plan should be $22/month.  However, any increase in the rate has to be approved by the County Council. At this moment, the Maui county budget is in the county council approval process and within that document is a statement that the ADDITIONAL cost for the 3 Can Plan cannot be more than $6/month. That will be approved when the budget is approved in the first (May 26) and second (June 5) readings.

After June 5 the County Budget is official,  and then Maui residents  have to convince the mayor and Solid Waste Division and the Director of Environmental Management that they should indeed restart the 3 Can Plan for $6 more per month. According to Daniel Kanahele, board member of Kihei Community Association, the $22 dollar suggestion is  not a possibility.

Kanahele suggests that we need to focus  getting the County to actually restart the 3 Can Plan for $6/month on top of the normal refuse pickup fee.  After June 5, the County Council is no longer a part of the approval process. Kanehele is asking for a LOT more letters to the mayor and the newspapers to make this happen.

Below is Buck’s Letter to the Editor:

“When the 3 Can Plan was proposed, I opposed it since I already recycled. After the pilot plan was implemented in South Kihei, I realized that suddenly all of my neighbors were participating in recycling. It was easy, effective and the participation rate dramatically increased.

The pilot program was terminated early because the county Department of Environmental Management said it was too expensive. After significant protest, the mayor agreed to allow participants to keep the blue and green cans until the additional cost for the 3 Can Plan could be determined.

The department has stated that picking up two blue (recyclables) and two green (green waste) costs $22 per month more than picking up four brown cans, which are dumped into the landfill.

Let’s examine. The number of truck runs is essentially the same, only the color of the cans is different. The green waste is dropped off at EKO Compost at no charge, plus there is the benefit of saving space in the landfill.

The blue cans contain recyclable items with monetary value, including HI-5 returnables. Commercial recyclers on Maui handle those materials and make money on them and yet the department says it costs $11 to deal with the contents of one blue can.

It is obvious the department is opposed to recycling and will fabricate phony numbers to support that position. The Environmental Protection Agency says curbside recycling costs $5.89 per month. The council set the fee at $6 per month. Let’s do this.”

Buck Joiner, Kihei

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April Board of Directors Meeting, Tuesday, April 14th

Board-Meeting-SM_(1)In accordance with our bylaws, written notice must be delivered to all members prior to special meetings (including Board of Director’s Meetings). This is a courtesy announcement for all association members and interested parties. Seating is limited.

Our next BOD meeting will be held at:

Hawaii Inspection Group Office
South Maui Center: 93 Lipoa Street
(Offices upstairs above Fabiani’s Restaurant)
Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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“What’s in Kihei’s Back Yard?” Video now on YouTube

The panel discussion that took place on October 28th, 2014 has been airing on AKAKU Community Media since February, and is now available for viewing on YouTube at the following link:

The 84 minute piece discusses residential development since 1970 which  spells potential disaster for the watershed lands impacted by the floodways along South Maui shores. Local experts Lucienne de Naie, surveyor Dudley De Ponte, and Kihei Resident Col. RC Sinnott, MD, discuss potential shortcomings of Maui’s infrastructure and raise more than a few questions—-questions that local government does not have clear answers for. Residents may be sitting unaware of industrial hazards which raise health and safety issues.

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Maui Police Department Presents Neighborhood Watch Program Options For Our District

Evidence of Crime Watch from the past on Hoano Place.

Evidence of Crime Watch from the past on Hoano Place.

Monthly Board Meeting on On Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 Hosts Neighborhood Watch Presentation

The WDNA will host a special presentation by the Maui Police Department on the choices before us to help prevent crime and better report incidents when they do occur.

The MPD presentation will be part of the WDNA’s regular monthly Board of Directors meeting. This month, Scott & Sharon Castiles will host the event at their home at:

125 Mehani Place, Kihei, HI 96753


Bring a pupu to share if you’d like.

MPD will send officers Goya and Brown to speak about the national Neighborhood Watch program and residents can decide on how we could reestablish a connection to the national organization again. Signs are still up in our district of a one time affiliation, although no one active on the board has information about the viability  such.  More information about registering a local chapter can be found here.

The Officer team will present from 6:15pm to 6:45pm. Afterward, the board will continue discussion to make important decisions about Neighborhood Watch program, as well as to vote on our position on the Three Can Plan changes in Maui County. You need not be a property owner or even resident of the district to attend. All interested parties are invited to come.


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Environmental Management Discusses 3 Can Curbside Recycling Aired on AKAKU

On Tuesday Feb. 3, 2015 at 7 pm on Akaku Channel 55 TV Show Crossroads hosted by Lucienne de Naie live airing of community conversations regarding the controversial cancellation of the 3 can curbside recycling program by the Department of Environmental Management. Guests will try to separate Fact from Fiction regarding why this popular programmed has been canned as of February 1st by the Maui County Administration.

Please Invite Others to Watch this live Broadcast on Channel 55 or live streamed on:

Akakū Channel 55 Live Streams from Akakū Community Media 24/7 on Akakū Cable Channel 55.

View on akaku.org

Also note that this show will be broadcast several times over the next couple of weeks.

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February Board of Directors Meeting Announcement & Panda Express Fundraiser

February Board Meeting at the Cafe
java cafe

This is a courtesy announcement for all Association members and interested parties. Our next Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 10 from 5:00-6:00 pm at Java Cafe in Azeka Mauka.

BOD Meeting Followed by WDNA Fundraiser at Panda Express

Panda Bear Image

Dine in or take out. LUNCH or DINNER and Panda Express will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Waimahaihai District Neighborhood Association. Bring your friends and meet your neighbors! Order for take-in or to go. This year, Panda has generously widened the time in which you get the meal counted toward our fundraiser. Either way,  bring the 10Feb2015_Panda_Flyer to let Panda’s know you’re here to support WDNA. When they count 35 meals or more, Panda Express will donate 10% of the meal value back to WDNA! The WDNA board will be there from 6pm to 7:30pm to say “aloha” and “talk story”. Hope to see you there!

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Maui County 3-Can Recycling Program Slated to End, Information at Monday’s MMNA Meeting

recycleThe Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association (MMNA) annual meeting on Monday evening is open to all, not just Maui Meadows residents. This meeting’s line-up includes timely presentations by administration officials from the Department of Environmental Management and Council Member Elle Cochran focused on the 3 Can Plan recycling issue which is slated to end prematurely, an update from Sierra Club’s Lucienne DeNaie, the plaintiff in a lawsuit involving the Honua’ula (Wailea 670) development, and more. Hope to see you there!

Where: Kamali’i Elementary School Cafeteria

When: Monday, January 26, 2105, 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
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January Board of Directors Meeting Announcement

Board-Meeting-SM_(1)In accordance with our bylaws, written notice must be delivered to all members prior to special meetings (including Board of Director’s Meetings). This is a courtesy announcement for all association members and interested parties. Seating is limited.

Our next BOD meeting will be held at:

Hawaii Inspection Group Office
South Maui Center: 93 Lipoa Street
(Offices upstairs above Fabiani’s Restaurant)
Thursday, January 8th, 2015

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98 Alena Place Prepares for Market, Gets Sprucing


by Kevin Curry

People entering and exiting the Waimahaihai District via Akai Street entrance, surely have noticed the changes taking place at 98 Alena Place. There was a time that a half-dozen trucks packed the driveway, and pieces of the fence line were missing. Stacks of old TV’s and appliances lined the curb. Shabby, indeed.

Over the past two weeks however, the residence has undergone a complete overhaul, including an interior paint job, and a major pruning of the banyan that graces the front of the property.


I took the opportunity to pay my respects as President of the association and met a friendly maintenance guy top rolling the ceiling of the “ohana” area of the garage. He informed me that the owners have decided to sell after a couple of bad experiences with tenants. Such good news for our district!

Though the property hasn’t yet hit the realtor’s Multiple Listing Service, the painter tells me that a realtor just around the corner will list the property soon. I’m in hopes the new look will attract an owner occupant who will invest the time and energy the prime corner lot deserves.

New listings in our area can enjoy the fact that as soon as September 2015, flood insurance requirements will be come optional for around 90% of the residents of the district. That gives our neighborhood an added value when comparing buys in areas that come with pricey flood insurance premiums. With each new sale, Waimahaihai property values are “trending up”, making our little “patch of paradise” in  Kihei a great place to live. But of course, we know that.


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