Founders Day Fun Leads to A New Alliance

WDNA’s 3rd annual Founder’s Day celebration brought out some fresh faces along with making new connections to the Maui community at large. Although the plan was to have a purely social gathering, sometimes one’s best work is done while breaking bread. In this instance, it involved some tasty pizza crust! 

Special guests included Maui Meadows Neighborhood Association President, Debra Greene and Vice President, Daniel Kanahele, (not pictured) who shared their experience with issues on liability insurance, stance on street lighting, and their participation in the Alliance of Maui Community Associations. This inspired a volunteer to step forward, so that the WDNA could send a delegate to that island-wide alliance to not only share our position on current events, but to bring a report back to the Board to keep us abreast of the latest issues before us. 

(Pauline (L) celebrates her birthday with Janet (R) our new Liaison Volunteer)

We celebrated Pauline’s birthday in style with kudos to Real Fruit Ice Cream for providing a delicious cone and a place to stick the birthday candle!  
With each passing year, the WDNA becomes more connected, ever known for its enthusiasm, vitality and growth. Thank you Janet for volunteering to be our liaison to the Alliance. 

So what’s next? Board member Alex (below with his wife) shares with us tips on board and liability insurance which can cost up to a whopping $1,700 per year, Once we have his recommendation the board will attempt to raise funds through member renewals ($25-&50/yr.) and Associate Memberships ($150/yr.) to cover the shortfall. Currently the WDNA falls short by nearly $1,000 when considering our yearly operating budget. Even with all volunteer labor, keeping the web-light on, as well as signage, fliers, and annual license renewals make it a challenge. 

Until we have liability insurance, we cannot host any function or project which would involve outside volunteers. If one of them got hurt, the members of the Board could be held personally liable. Lack of insurance keeps the WDNA from stepping to the “next level” of community service. It is our goal to be able to have insurance before Summer of 2016.  

Perhaps you’d like to make a special donation? Or renew your annual dues? A link on our homepage enables you to download our annual membership form. As well, look for an announcement soon to pay via PayPal. Your support is greatly appreciated. 
OCheck our website soon for details about Christmas Caroling on Kupuna” and our annual Christmas potluck. 

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