Lawn Picks Raise Red Flags on Littering and Safety in Waimahaihai

by Kevin Curry

The Fine Print Shows It's Just Lawn Spam

The Fine Print Shows A Commercial Website

Waimahaihai District streets are lined with red flags from Waipahe St. to Mehani Circle, from Kupuna St. to Malama. Almost two weeks ago, these mini lawn picks were strategically placed on neighborhood easements at just what would appear to be the flood plane line. Their appearance arrived just after Maui County held its symposium on the impact of the impending flood plane adjustment.  Like many others, I assumed it had to do with the new flood plane issues and left the marker alone.

Consult with your physician first, then bend down carefully from the waist and read a little closer.  If your Costco readers were in good order, you’d see the red marker invites the homeowner to visit a website and 800 number regarding flood zone revisions. Well don’t be duped! There is no connection to any official surveyor or FEMA flood plane manager.

Red_Flag2A visit to the URL on the flag reveals a basic website that offers to sell a $99 “quick review”, but there are no details. A “whois” of the domain name shows the site registered to a Glenn Willis with ABA Insurance in Boulder, CO.  The installers of these red plastic picks have littered the Waimahaihai District with their commercial solicitation far and wide. The email address on file is for the domain name is:  Since virtually all of the pickets were placed on public easements, individual property owners might not have cause to complain. However,  some conscientious South Maui resident might write ABA Insurance and ask when they plan on removing the flags, and/or file a complaint with the police department insisting these bits of plastic and wire trip hazards be removed from our streets or insist that the company face littering fines.

Because people’s tendency is to leave what might appear to be an official survey stake alone, Waimahaihai residens may be living with these flags for quite some time. Let’s hope that as time goes on and the red plastic degrades and flies off,  no one injures themselves on the nearly invisible remaining sharp wire and trip hazards on their bike ride, or their sunset walk through our neighborhood streets.

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