98 Alena Place Prepares for Market, Gets Sprucing


by Kevin Curry

People entering and exiting the Waimahaihai District via Akai Street entrance, surely have noticed the changes taking place at 98 Alena Place. There was a time that a half-dozen trucks packed the driveway, and pieces of the fence line were missing. Stacks of old TV’s and appliances lined the curb. Shabby, indeed.

Over the past two weeks however, the residence has undergone a complete overhaul, including an interior paint job, and a major pruning of the banyan that graces the front of the property.


I took the opportunity to pay my respects as President of the association and met a friendly maintenance guy top rolling the ceiling of the “ohana” area of the garage. He informed me that the owners have decided to sell after a couple of bad experiences with tenants. Such good news for our district!

Though the property hasn’t yet hit the realtor’s Multiple Listing Service, the painter tells me that a realtor just around the corner will list the property soon. I’m in hopes the new look will attract an owner occupant who will invest the time and energy the prime corner lot deserves.

New listings in our area can enjoy the fact that as soon as September 2015, flood insurance requirements will be come optional for around 90% of the residents of the district. That gives our neighborhood an added value when comparing buys in areas that come with pricey flood insurance premiums. With each new sale, Waimahaihai property values are “trending up”, making our little “patch of paradise” in  Kihei a great place to live. But of course, we know that.


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