What’s That Noise in the Neighborhood?




by written by Kevin Curry


Kihei, Hawaii—It sounds like a leaf blower or a hair dryer with roid rage. All day long from dawn to nearly sunset with nary a break at noon. Some days you can hear it indoors. Those of us lucky enough to have air conditioners can close our doors and (nearly) shut it out. Now, it only sounds like an over-ambitious PC fan. So what is this new nuisance to the neighborhood?

The church on the corner of Welakahao & the Honoapiilani Highway, Hope Chapel, has decided to install a solar canopy parking structure in it’s parking lot, according to an ATLAS drilling crew worker.  I came across a dozen or so neon-green shirted men doing my own investigative drive-by, similar to the guy in the Z3 in front of me. Seems a lot of people have paraded by just to see what  the deal was.

According to the crew worker, the canopy requires 15 foot deep pilings be drilled as a foundation for the structure.  He stated that work would continue for another week to ten days. That was on August 20th. Today is September 5th. You do the math. So it goes for construction!

I have fielded a few calls about noise complaints and told people to be patient. Hope Chapel has generously offered space to our Association and we have to all live with “growing pains” from time to time. I’m good with it.

However, if  you’re curious, Maui County does have a brochure explaining how to field noise complaints, and cites construction and noise abatement laws for those of you interested in reading it:

Click to access noiserefmaui.pdf

In the future (as more construction is in the future for Hope Chapel) it would be nice to have a liaison for our neighborhood so that we can be included in when we can keep our doors and windows open or not. If anyone has experience in the area or would like to be our “noise watch-dog” please let us know.

With some luck, the noise should end soon and Hope Chapel will have covered parking for its patrons and even be a bit greener when it comes to energy production. But until then, enjoy the quiet after sunset and stay coolly indoors.

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