Earth Day Volunteers to “Clean Up” With T-Shirts, Snorkel Cruises and More

Tri-Cit Earth Day LogoThis Saturday, April 26th Volunteers who come out to help the Waimahaihai District  Neighborhood association are out for a good time. The Community project organized by the WDNA is in Celebration of Earth Day, which was actually April 22nd. Because so many residents work during the week, it was decided to launch their community project to “Clean the Ravine” on Saturday. Volunteers will clear green waste and rubbish from the Keokea Gulch to restore the greenbelt in the residential area to its natural beauty, and to ensure safety against fire & flood. Snorkel_turtle

The first 15 volunteers who come down to Malama Street at the white cement piers (not hard to find, Malama St. is two blocks long)  will get a free T-Shirt courtesy of Maui Snorkel Charters.  As well,  those who stay the course will get a free  Maui Snorkel Charters excursion as their way of saying, “Mahalo for malama’ing the pono!” [Sorry for butchering the language.]  For more information on their Maui Snorkel’s adventure check out their website: HERE.

This is the first effort in at least 10 years to service the quarter mile gulch that traverses the neighborhood near Welakahao Street. There will be lots of rubbish, too much to put in residents rubbish bins for collection. Because the ravine is considered private property, the neighborhood can’t rely on Maui County to pick up the tab on removal of debris. The cost of a commercial dumpster with  disposal fees could top upwards of $1,000.—well beyond the non-profit’s budget. So, enter our  hero-volunteers from He-Man landscaping will be out for the event as well. (Let’s leave the  wood chipping to the professionals, shall we?) as well as to help us bag everything and keep things tidy. I guess the title is approprate, the real HE-men will be out to help the WDNA be a safer, cleaner place to live. Thanks He-Man!

Check out their website HERE for their entire wood_chipperline of products, including tree trimming and full landscaping services. After everyone goes home to nap and clean up, we’ll be back at it, celebrating and networking with friends and family at Shaka’s Pizza from 6pm-8pm. The WDNA will springShaka_Pizza for some slices for volunteers. As well, Shaka’s has offered 10% off the bill for people who are part of our group. So say the secret password that night: [Enter the  cheer leading squad with purple pom pom’s  shouting…] “What do you saaaaa-aaay? WDNA!”

If you’d like more information about volunteering, donating items to the workers, or the Shaka’s after-party, send an email to:  Happy Earth day. Keep it green.

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