WDNA Begins Phase III of Curb Painting Tomorrow

Have you taken a spin around Mehani Circle to see the new curb numbers yet? Last month, our Board of Directors added more curb numbers in the heart of our neighborhood. FEDEX delivers to the right house now.  Well mostly! But police and ambulance can get more visibility to find addresses with a moment’s notice. Like with a Sudoku puzzle, each blank that gets filled makes the rest of the mystery easier to solve.  

Phase III will take place tomorrw, Saturday, March  29thth 2014 from 8am-2pm and will focus initially on completing existing WDNA Members curb numbers regardless of where they live. Provided it doesn’t rain, we should be able to complete the nearly 20 households that are patiently awaiting curb numbers. As well, we will begin soliciting new participants starting at Welakahao & Akai and working our way inward from there.

ImageMembers pledging $50 or more get curb painting as part of their annual membership fee. Renters and non-members alike can get a curb facelift  for a suggested donation of $15. Chances are, renters are not on this mailing list. Would you take a moment and forward this email on to a friend or neighbor you know who is not currently a member?

They can print the form from our web link here:

Curb Form

Just fill out the form, and have a check or cash ready for us to collect and we will add you to the list of homes who want their curbs painted. Shoot an email to: info@waimahaihai.org by tomorrow and we may be able to work you in “same-day-service”. No guarantees though. As it is, we’re only able to paint about a 20-30 curbs per month, so please be patient with us. It might seem simple. However, it sometimes “takes a village” to get things done.

Our goal would be to have every house have a curb number painted on it but to do so, even at 10 minutes per curb, it will require 50 man-hours, and a lot paint! 

Thanks again to Ken Stroupe of PPG Architectural Coatings in Kahului (that’s his lovely daughter in the photo) for generously donating professional grade traffic paint–the same stuff they paint the white lines on the road with–so, the curb numbers should last a good long time.

If you’d like to volunteer, sign up to get your home painted, or make a donation to adopt an “orphan home” (many homes where the homeowner is either not able to be contacted, abandoned or otherwise unoccupied) please contact the WDNA at info@waimahaihai.org or leave a message at 808.879.3977.

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