Waimahaihai District Uses Collective Buying Power to Get the Best Deal on House Painting

Neighbors are lining up in Central Maui to get their house painted, and could well be getting a better shake by banding togetherImage as a group. Members of the recently formed Waimahaihai District Neighborhood Association [WDNA]  may indeed be bargaining for the best of both worlds. While the district doesn’t have mandatory CC&R’s, or rules and regulations to follow,  most members agree that they do want the benefit of uniformity, and the harmony created when things well, look similar. Almost a dozen have agreed to put their name on a list and to take the recommendation of the association for hopes that there is a positive “domino” effect.

Since most of the houses in the District were built in the late 1970’s, houses have been painted half a dozen times or more. Original color schemes have been replaced with a hodge-podge of color varying from lemon yellow to plantation green. While that might work for places like La Boca en Buenos Aires, it hardly reflects the “sense of place” that residents have come to realize they want and need from the place they live. Image

So, the Association has approached PPG Paints on Alamaha Street in Kahului, who will provide several palettes for homeowner’s to choose from. By purchasing and blending paint in bulk, homeowners can save dollars over buying by the gallon. As well, a painting contractor will be pre-selected based on experience and reputation. That one contractor will paint house after house in the area. Because the interest of the neighborhood is at the cornerstone of the project, the contractor must be forever on his toes, or risk losing the rest of customers waiting in line. Before recommending the contractor, the WDNA will insist on things like adequate insurance and a performance bond to protect everyone involved. On top of that, the contractor has agreed to make a donation to the WDNA for each house painted. Funds will be used for further neighborhood improvement projects like “Clean the Ravine” or making safe pathways for kids to school.

While the price of a painting a home in Hawaii is not cheap–ranging from $2,500 for a single story, to topping $7,500 for a two story with a cottage—buyers are assured that the materials, application, prep work and detailing will all be inspected and approved by the Board to ensure the neighborhood and the owner got a fair shake.

Work will begin late spring. If you live within the Waimahaihai District and are interested in having your home painted, please send an email to info@waimahaihai.org or leave contact info in the comments section below, and someone will follow up with you. Looks like it will be a colorful spring after all!


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1 Response to Waimahaihai District Uses Collective Buying Power to Get the Best Deal on House Painting

  1. Jan says:

    I would like to paint 186 Mehani Circle. What are the color choices, please? thanks, jan

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