Halloween Happenings in Waimahaihai, the heart of Kihei

Residents of the Waimahaihai district recall from many years past when our neighborhood was one of the only residential areas in Kihei. Parents literally bussed their keiki Imageto Kupuna and walked the district with them so they could do house-to-house and enjoy the time honored tradition of trick-or-treat.  neighborhoods for kids. This year, beggar’s night falls on Thursday, October 31st the same night as Halloween. Sunset on the 31st is at 5:25pm with and the “ghosts and goblins” along with quite a few super heroes should start appearing shortly thereafter around 6pm.

group-of-trick-or-treaters-with-flashlightsThis is an excellent time to get to know your neighbors! In fact, save a few brave Christmas carolers,  it is the only time of year that families with kids show up at your front door with regularity. What a great time to tell your neighbor about our upcoming events for the season, such as Christmas Caroling down Kupuna Street or our Christmas Block party in December.  Soon our site at waimahaihai.org will have a flyer you can download and give to neighbors about upcoming events.

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